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Single print, 600 copies

Since 1960, for nearly fifty years, Joseph Farrel has drawn women in tears, humiliated, beaten, deformed, punched, enlarged, sequestered, undergoing the implacable sexual madness of men. This marginal artist respects nothing, breaks all taboos and ignores self-censorship. His work is the most scandalous since that of Sade. Dark, provocative, shocking, desperate. "I do not go beyond what is impossible," he says in an stunning formula.

Feminine submission without consent found its rudest master with him. His work was distributed irregularly between 1977 and 2012, in the network of sex shops and specialized bookstores. Obéis! sinon..., Parfums de souffrance, Humiliations, Les Seins torturés, Jeux cruels, Perversions have been exhausted and sought after by collectors for years.

Finally, Farrel knows the honors of a monograph in luxury edition that retraces his career. 200 drawings, many of them unpublished or reproduced from the originals. The work was established with the complicity of the artist himself, who speaks for the first time on his journey.

Texts by Christophe Bier & Dominique Forma.

Published by Chrisophe Bier Editeur, Paris.

Excerpts from the book
Technical characteristics
  • Italian format : 29,7 x 21 cm.

  • Number of pages : 192 pages.

  • Printing : Color offset Munken Lynx Rough 150 g.

        Hardback, sewn, square back with tranchefile.

  • Limited print: 600 copies.

  • Classic edition : 520 copies. – 70 €

  • "Tirage de tête" edition: 50 copies, each numbered from 31 to 80 with one original sketch signed by the artist. – 400 €

  • Deluxe edition: 30 copies signed and numbered from I to XXX in a special silk-screened boxset  with one original sketch signed by the artist.  – 670 €

  • An English translation is available in a booklet, on demand only.